Tyler Scruggs is a writer, musician, filmmaker, and millennial swashbuckler navigating the digital frontier through love songs for your Zune.

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Albums released: Robots Live Forever (2011), Concerns (2013), and Televangelist (2021)

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Worked in Art, Production, and Wardrobe for the likes of Warner Bros, Bron, DC Comics, HBO & HBO Max, and Marvel Studios. See Film & TV credits on IMDb

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As well as the writing here on this site, I’ve written freelance for a number of publications including WUSSY MAG, Georgia Voice, Project Q Atlanta, Talk Film Society, INTO, East Oregonian, and more. Here are some of them and I’ll keep them here until I find a better way.

(10/10/20) Queering Everything interview
(07/23/20) Maybe ‘8 couldn’t wait,’ but it’s far from enough Atlanta Police reform
(09/27/19) Who is to blame for It Chapter Two’s Botched Queer Coding?
(06/19/19) Opinion: Y’all Need To Calm About Taylor Swift
(01/03/19) The Age of Queer Media
(11/01/18) Feeling the Gay Christian Tension in the South
(08/06/18) Living Authentically and the State of Queer Rap with Will Sheridan
(04/11/18) Shamir: Queer Pop and Living Outside the Gender Binary

(02/08/18) Do Not Binge Netflix’s Atlanta-Based Queer Eye This Weekend
(07/05/17) NYAFF 2017: Close-Knit
(05/18/17) VIVID’s Return to Deejaying
(05/05/17) Presentation & Body Narcissism: A Conversation with Perfume Genius
(04/14/17) Review: The Fate of the Furious
(04/10/17) Trailer Watch: Thor: Ragnarok
(03/24/17) Review: Life
(03/16/17) How Disney Developed The Formula For Its Newfound Remake Success
(01/20/17) Review: Saving Banksy
(01/04/17) Apple’s Terrible ‘Theater Mode’ Idea and How It Might Be Useful
(12/16/16) Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
(12/05/16) The Sound of Musicals: Little Shop of Horrors
(11/17/16) I Canceled My FilmStruck Subscription, For Now
(11/22/13) ‘Catching Fire’ not just another cash-in teen sequel
(11/01/13) ‘Ender’s Game’ jump-starts fall movie flood
(10/25/13) Five new artists that stand out in noisy market
(10/04/13) ‘Breaking Bad’ gets boost from Netflix bingeing

(Updated January 2022)

- Scruggs 🍻