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new album out now
Hey friends, The time has come!! “Broken Mirror” is out now on all your favorite streaming services. It’s a song about not knowing what love is on this…
Streaming everywhere else May 14th. Pre-save on Spotify!
Hi there, I’m finishing the album, and I wanted to share Track 1 with you. Thank you for your support this whole time. It’s called “Marjoe” and I hope…
On 'vibing,' doing 'nothing,' and some of the other things I'm doing in 2021
Modernity must be rehashed, rewritten, and re-accounted, this time with their participation.
On reading, media literacy, going to college, and imagining a post-pandemic (or maybe post-apocalyptic) future.
A most bodacious journey through nostalgia, homophobia, music, Kid Cudi, death, rock & roll, and expectations. In other words, A Bill & Ted essay.
Big tech, major studios, and movie theater chains are all working against you, which isn't news, but it's getting way too sneaky. The government is…
I’m really tired; specifically of billionaires telling me I don’t work hard enough.
Stop relying on Capitalist media for personal validation.