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September 2021

new album out now

February 2021

On 'vibing,' doing 'nothing,' and some of the other things I'm doing in 2021

September 2020

Modernity must be rehashed, rewritten, and re-accounted, this time with their participation.
On reading, media literacy, going to college, and imagining a post-pandemic (or maybe post-apocalyptic) future.

August 2020

A most bodacious journey through nostalgia, homophobia, music, Kid Cudi, death, rock & roll, and expectations. In other words, A Bill & Ted essay.
Big tech, major studios, and movie theater chains are all working against you, which isn't news, but it's getting way too sneaky. The government is…

July 2020

I’m really tired; specifically of billionaires telling me I don’t work hard enough.
Stop relying on Capitalist media for personal validation.
The class it takes to wear white tee shirts without any stains might've been the one I skipped in exchange for paper planes

June 2020

First of all, I wanna make it emphatically clear that it's not pleasant to pay $20 for a 48hr rental.
The concerns surrounding flooding vital hashtags with black squares for #BlackOutTuesday are quite valid, and no one believes posting a black square…