The Geekiest Links: April 6th, 2018

I’m gonna give this a try. The Geekiest Links is a weekly compilation of links, videos, podcasts, and all-around interesting internet things. I’ll try to make it as cool as possible, but be warned, it may be insanely geeky. 

If you have just a minute...

I love Brian Jordan Alvarez, and among his recent flood of new quasi-meme YouTube videos is "Movies plural" which is, as one commenter puts it "So me it hurts."

I've only just discovered the video essays of Patrick H. Willems, but boy do I admire them. This is only his latest, but if you've ever overanalyzed anything in your life, you'll probably be a fan of his.

YouTube's theme park sweetheart Jenny Nicholson dissects a plot hole you've never thought of in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that's so big you'll eat your DJ REX hat.

And finally, if you've never heard me rave about Casey Neistat, we're not as close of friends as we should be. He's amazing, but he's been in a total rut lately, and seeing a creative force as transparent as him is nothing but inspiring. The first episode of his new daily vlog 368 begins today, so now seems like as good a day as ever to recommend his channel and just, him.