The Patreon is Launched.

The Patreon is Launched.

I'm now on Patreon. Click here to support this site and future endeavors!

Howdy. I'm Tyler.

I've been on the internet my entire life, releasing music, written works, and floating from one social network to the other. But it wasn't until January 2018 that I actually took a much tighter, much more calculated control over what I put out online. No longer did I want Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever to be in control of what I can show my family, friends, and followers. It's an opportunity not previously afforded to me, and I'm proud to say that is the output of that. is, yes, primarily a blog for my writing on various subjects ranging from Film & TV, Music, Tech, LGBTQ+ Culture, and Pop Culture as a whole. My mission is to carve out a template and a platform for freelance writers and artists like myself and a diverse range of other creatives to create and control their own corners of the internet. No more algorithms, no more ad revenue going to large corporations.

I want to design a way to live life transparently online and uninterrupted offline. 

The plan? To create blogs, editorials, video content, music, podcasts, whatever else that can entertain, help, or inspire all of us to keep pushing creatively in this increasingly confusing and complicated time. 

With Patreon, You're Immediately Supporting:

  • TylerScruggs.coman independent content outlet where I share blogs, editorials, essays and more of the things I do across the Internet. 
  • Album Three: my third music album, which is fully written. It just needs a financial boost to make it a reality. 
  • Untitled Podcast: there is a podcast. And it's coming very soon. Jumping on board now will make YOU a part of the development process. 

Thank you so much for helping realize this vision through your support!