The Geekiest Links [May 25th, 2018]

The Geekiest Links is a weekly compilation of links, videos, podcasts, and all-around interesting internet things. I’ll try to make it as cool as possible, but be warned, it may be insanely geeky. 

Hey everyone. Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

This website is kinda picking up some traction, and with that comes detractors and people who aren't really interested in me succeeding. That's okay. I always welcome feedback, both positive and negative. Because the worst kind of feedback is no feedback at all, and I never want anyone to feel like I'm above anything, cause I'm just a person.

I'm a person who likes making things and being very public online (!!!) but nevertheless I make mistakes. So, if you have something you think I should hear to help me realize my vision better, please, by all means. Tell me, even if it's anonymous.  CuriousCat is a weird, catty social platform (lol), but giving people who hate me or have some sort of unresolved feelings with me a chance to say it however they want to, helps people be transparent with me. And I like that.

Anyway, this brings me to my first big recommendation of the week, and that's the subreddit r/ChangeMyView, a debate and discussion platform I think we'll end up talking a lot about in the coming weeks and months, especially with Facebook being held to such scrutiny. There's also a podcast, which is decent and even if you disagree with it, it's much healthier brain juice than... what you're probably reading for opinions. 

Next up is this extremely painful interview the New York Times did with the majority of the cast of Arrested Development, where Jessica Walter is working through some harrowing emotions while the rest of the cast (Alia Shawkat excluded) kinda mansplained that Jeffery Tambor's abhorrent behavor was just part of the industry. Which is not untrue, but did nothing to help the situation and worst of all stepped on Walter's feet in favor of their own. Lame. Jason Bateman did apologize, but it's all just a big bummer considering the new season comes back in mere days. 

All snark aside, I'm extremely here for whatever the hell John Mayer is doing in his new video for the very pleasant song "New Light". Idk. I dig it. It feels real. 

Next, I wanted to call your attention to a podcast that's been helping me personally with my relationship and my new perspective on internet content and vlogging, and that's Couples Therapy with Candice and CaseyThe podcast follows the relationship of Candice Pool and her very internet-famous husband Casey Neistat, whom I've talked about on here a few times. It's an interesting examination into the inner-workings of an extremely stable relationship being thrown some extremely destabilizing curveballs. If you're in a relationship, or curious about how constant-cameras and internet fame can affect a family, give it a listen. 

I know this week's a little random -- I just wanted to get something out there really -- but lastly I wanted to encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.  There's not much there (besides a new vlog) but soon it will be the home of all my video content. Expect stuff real soon.

Anyway, I've gotta get to my day job, but I hope you enjoyed some of these thoughtful internet recommendations. I'd love to talk with you more about them whether on Twitter, or in the comments below. 

See you on the internet.