"Idaho Says Hi" by Tyler Scruggs

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Planned obsolesce like old presidents and midsize family sedans
Making cognitive decisions to abandon my pretensions for good
Cool is occasional, just like weed and washing jeans
Tearing baseballs at the seams

Idaho says hi, and we miss you
Idaho says hi

Getting drunk at high school graduations for your brother
I bet he still has that scar
Scruffy faces and week-long couch crashings
Unfamiliar shampoos and moms

"Work vacations" and Oxy'ed morons
Friends-of-friends, till the end
Going with the flow

Tyler Scruggs is a writer and musician living in Atlanta with his partner Mark. When he’s not churning out internet content, he’s paying too much for coffee and buying movie tickets weeks in advance. Feel free to validate him on Twitter (@TylerScruggs), Instagram (@Scruggernaut), and YouTube.

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