Thoughts on The Lego Movie & The Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set

One Christmas when I was quite young, maybe six or seven, my parents got me this Lego movie making set and it’s the camera I made my first movies on. It’s not quite as charming or nostalgic or even as good as a Super 8, but it’s what I had. I’d use the Lego mini figures I had (mostly Star Wars and Harry Potter) and my favorite action figures at the time (a Daredevil, Wolverine, and Spider-Man) and I’d create my own ridiculous crossover stories that probably didn’t make a lick of sense but were a joy in my life. 

Stop-motion mostly frustrated me so I quickly abandoned it and used the camera to make my own live-action shorts usually starring my sisters, cause who else could be in it? Eventually I moved on to better cameras. Ones that didn’t require it being plugged into a computer; DV tapes, 1080p but the creative spark was all the same. I wanted to tell stories.

It’s so cool that Lego has not only grown with me, but beyond me into a kind of spirit and cloud I can still draw information and lessons from. It’s super cheesy, but it’s true. The Lego Movie is important to me not only because it’s a dream come true to see a true-to-form Lego movie, but to see one handled with such care, creativity, and intelligence. Another inspiration to do more.