A Thank You, A Birthday, and an Ask

The last Concerns CDs are selling out now.

Hey friends,

Thanks so much for streaming “Marjoe” last weekend!

You can peep it anywhere you hear music.

I have (a lot) more music coming soon that I’m very excited to share, and “Marjoe” was sort of a pilot run of how I’d like to do the subscriptions here at tylerscruggs.com

While it’s likely I won’t be doing a Spotify ‘pre-save’ thing again, I wanna thank the people who did the process and I hope you dug the song :)

Things have been busy over here, so I apologize if you’ve been waiting on media essays. The album is almost done, the world is starting to open up again, and I’m in the process of moving.

It’s incalculable what my brain will be able to handle once I’m not thinking about this batch of songs (or moving stresses) anymore.

I have another song coming in about a month, and when you become a subscriber you not only get it before anyone else, you become part of a community that becomes an active part of my creative process. It’s been so great getting feedback via email, Discord, TikToks, and Twitch streams.

Becoming a paid subscriber at $5/mo is the best and most direct way to support my music, writing, and what I do.

For perspective, a $5 monthly pledge is the financial equivalent of streaming my music 1200 times.

If the sentence “email, Discords, TikToks and Twitch streams.” didn’t make you feel old, maybe this will.

Facebook Memories has brought it to my attention that my 2nd album Concerns turns 8 years old this week.

I found a box of 40 CDs from the run I did in 2013 and they're on sale for $5 now if you'd like one!

Once they're gone they're gone.

I'll send you one for free if you become a recurring subscriber, which also gets you first access to album 3 and pretty much everything I've done.

Or shoot, just stream it anywhere?

Thank you for sticking with me over the, uh, decade.

Also, I’ve been asking people over on Instagram: What new personality trait did you pick up over quarantine? Let me know <3