control/alternate/delete. v2.0

Some housekeeping and a quick hello/plead for input.

This newsletter, control/alternate/delete, is about screwing up. On social media, journalism, art, or life; our actions and words indeed influence and affect others. Today, nothing seems more worthwhile than interrogating our capacity to influence and acting consciously about what influences us.

The Internet is something I’ve lived with my whole life. Offline I’ve moved frequently, but online I’m deeply nested in sites and companies I’ve been using since middle school circa 2007. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are constants while the world around me continually changes. Creating online through my music, writing, filmmaking, tweets — whatever has connected me with a community of people I love and wish to navigate the digital frontier with. If you’re reading this you’re one of those people and I appreciate you a lot. How has all this influenced us, though? What can the recent past tell us about the future? What’s even the actual difference between an influencer and a politician? TikTok celebrity and Hollywood royalty? Could these distinctions be keeping us from something more unifying? These questions and more I want to continue exploring in the most personal, thoughtful, and honest way possible.

Since my first record at 16, to editorial writing and this newsletter project, I appreciate everyone who’s remained on board and understands where I’m coming from. I’m an excitable person, I know. I like to ride the hype. I know that’s burned me in the past many times, but it’s how we refine. I too want to cancel the person I was yesterday and learn to trust more and be honest, not because it’s strategic but because it’s right.

I’ve found great readers here on SubStack and I want to focus and invest in them. So with that, I’ve shut down my Patreon. In lieu of it, you can support my work directly here on SubStack. At $5/month or $50/year, but you get the same private podcast feed, which has song demos, interviews, and in the near future podcast versions of my writing. It also has an archive of my writing, and newsletters will be archived after a year. Until I run out though I’m sending mailers with CDs and letters to those who subscribe! Hit the button below to subscribe and one will get to you.

Along with my third album, I’m working on a number of interesting projects that I will inevitably tell you about way too soon. I do really think the future ahead is bright. How are you though? What’s something we should focus on? Tweet at me.

While I’ve got you here, and if you can’t do $5 today, can you add a song of mine to a playlist you share with others? I’ve seen an uptick in listeners lately and it’s been really encouraging.

Hope to hear from you soon,