Happy 8th Birthday to my first album, Robots Live Forever


Currently, I’m on my way to an unplugged weekend up north, but this showed up in my memories today. And while everyone is retrospective on the decade, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on Robots Live Forever, the first self-released album that I made in my bedroom with my friend Jack when I was sixteen.

It was a record I had been working on for years already, and through all the memes and mockery that came with every attempt at making this seem as legitimate an album as possible, I’m still pretty proud of the work. That may sound sappy and boastful, but in the year of our lord 2019, I could use the nerve and the drive that sixteen-year-old me had. I’m proud that at that age, at that moment in time I had the nerve to write and craft a musical vision without much fear of the consequences. I pushed it hard, sold CDs, and while there are plenty of cringe-worthy moments in it for me, it’s like reading a diary. A diary that is streaming everywhere to be sure, but even just for me personally it’s nice to reflect on what I used to value so much and serve as a reminder of what is to be valued still.

You can stream Robots Live Forever on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else music is streaming.

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to contribute directly into the future of my music, you can buy the album on BandCamp and name your price for it.

And as always you can email me T@tylerscruggs.com

<a href="http://tylerscruggs.bandcamp.com/album/robots-live-forever">Robots Live Forever by Tyler Scruggs</a>