I'm on the bad side of twenty-five

it's a dangerous time to be a friend of mine

Whoa! Brand synergy! The latest episode of my podcast Meet My Friend with Tyler Scruggs is out now. I caught up with my friend @TristanTimothy, and we discussed stand-up comedy, social media, cancel culture, Kevin Hart, Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders, and a bunch of other controversial stuff. We also figured out I love controversy. Oops. Give it a listen or save it for later.

It feels like the stars are on my side lately. I’m deeply paranoid about apps and deep learning algorithms advising us like horoscopes. Still, Co — Star’s snarky, often chillingly timely push notifications can keep me from going on Twitter rampages. So maybe Astrology is good? Don’t quote me on that.

One thing’s for sure: I’m sure sick of this shit.

Thankfully, it seems like a lot of people are. It feels like the stars are on my side lately.

Do you remember Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump’s solo album Soul Punk? It wasn’t particularly successful, but an exciting look into the singer’s musical sensibilities. More inspired by Michael Jackson and Prince, Soul Punk was a peek into the pop-punk singer’s influences and style. Perhaps it informed the more bro-y sample-heavy arena rock that sort of dominated Fall Out Boy’s output the last, damn, seven years since they got back together? This is side one; flip me over.

Some people fade like evening
Some just never go away
But there's simply no place safer
than the bank the day after the robbery
So you wake to grab the paper
Sip your coffee, too much grind
You don't so much mind the aging
You just mind the getting wise

I turn 25 this weekend, and I can’t tell if I’m on the bad side of 25, or if that’s yet to come. Before I can even celebrate turning a quarter-century old, there’s a countdown clock in the corner of my brain that’s reminding me that I’m going to lose my parents’ healthcare plan in a year. That sounds stupid as heck, but it’s true. I don’t know what I’ll do or if I’ll have a job that’ll provide it someday. So, I’m anxious about it.

Oh! I can rent a car now, huh. Maybe I’ll try that. Is it fun?

School started last week, and thanks to Twitter, I was able to register and get everything squared away. I’m taking three classes: American Government, Human Communications, and Perspective: Comparative Cultures because, of course, I am. However, they’re all online, which will give me some flexibility to travel and be a bit nomadic. My housing situation changes up in the Spring, and I’m not sure quite where I’ll land, but the need now to go to campus is minimal, except to use the gym… eventually. 🙂

I’ve finally managed that recent massive influx of Facebook friend requests I got last week. I have been forwarding everyone to my Instagram, lmao. Also, I’ve officially relinquished myself of the belief that I promote myself too much because hooooly cow look what Justin Bieber did with his new song ‘Yummy’. Yucky

Here are some other things I thought were pleasant or interesting:

Netflix released a short film this week, directed by David Lynch. 17 Minutes. The less you know, the better.

I don’t know if you’ll get anything out of this, but I was fascinated by this podcast with Russell Brand and Logan Paul. Russell Brand is a decent YouTuber, but he’s currently under the delusion that premium podcasts are something that we will pay for like Netflix.

This week I’ve gotta put my head down a ‘lil bit for school, but do always let me know if there’s a topic or subject you’d like to see me cover. Still getting the hang of the newsletter thing and have been prioritizing consistency over the deep dives, but I do have some deep dives!! Competent and consistent content creation is hard! Especially since I seem hellbent on attacking everywhere on everything. Now, to find some advertisers...