Hey, I'm Tyler.

The internet is stupid and I hate it. At least, I hate it right now.

It's a weird, confusing world we've created where we are plugged into something that constantly allows us to construct/deconstruct identity and humanity along with the rest of the world everywhere all at the same time. 

As someone who can't quite settle in with titles like "Millennial" or "Gen Z" (though if you're some sorta publication looking for that type of person, I'm it), I prefer the phrase 'born on the Internet' because that more accurately describes me and a whole lot of other people. 

I was among the first batch of babies to be born on the internet, and that carries...something. I don't know how it's affected my brain or if it's a blessing or a curse, but I've googled everything I've ever wanted to know, even as a confused child my whole life. I talked to strangers in video chatrooms in hope to crowdsource adolescent navigation. I had a cell phone in grade school, and a smart one by 9th grade, nearly 10 years ago. These are the sort of things I think about, and as I firmly enter adulthood, I am barraged with past memories and a strong longing for a childhood that wasn't that long ago. 

Nostalgia is no longer a delicacy for your heart, but a cheap grain. Remembering the past even within the 21st century, now that it's the best documented era of humanity, gives us new insight into what it means to be human, to be a soul. 

What is art, now that it's been reduced to 'content'?

Who am I, now that I've been reduced to a social media account publically in the eyes of billions of people? Does the physical human Tyler Scruggs even matter if these accounts live on forever?

It is said that life's goal is to leave a legacy, and now everyone has one forever. What now? is how I manage that anxiety. Just like me, it will always be a work in progress, but at least everything up here is up here cause I want it to be. Cause I want to share it. Maybe you want to explore it.

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I live in Atlanta.